At Tomini, each and every facet of ship management is handled in-house, a one-stop solution centered around providing an “owner’s” mentality in everything that we do.


Alpina and the family behind it have been our partners and handled the commercial management of our ships for over 40 years. Their commercial team is staffed by a highly qualified team of international in-house brokers and operators with extensive experience in all market sectors in which Tomini is active.


Our expert in-house technical management team oversee the maintenance and day-to-day operation of our vessels ensuring that all regulatory requirements are met including the International Safety Management Code (ISM), Flag State, Port State Control and Classification society rules.

They provide technical and marine superintendent services for our vessels working with world-class suppliers and service providers to provide the full range of ship management services.

Our superintendents also oversee and supervise dry dockings and repair projects ensuring the work is completed to the highest standards and specifications.


We seek to hire the very best seafarers in the market, our dedicated crew management centre in Mumbai and Karachi selects, trains and retains the highest calibre of seafarers. We attract experienced, passionate and resilient seafarers at all ranks. We continually monitor the development of our crew and their training requirements to ensure that they deliver for our clients.


Safety Culture

We are constantly working towards a zero-incident future, focusing on training, innovative systems, information sharing and simplified procedures.

Our seafarers

Our seafarers are our greatest asset. We believe that close relationships with our crew create the trust, knowledge and commitment to deliver operational excellence.

Technical Team

Our technical team is run by a dedicated squad of seasoned marine professionals, who have developed a long-term view of ship management with decades of experience both on- and off-shore. This specialised team oversees the maintenance and day-to-day operation of our vessels ensuring that all regulatory requirements are met. They anticipate the unique operational pressures faced by dry bulk vessels and draw upon their wealth of knowledge, experiences and resources to address them.

World Class Standards

Tomini Shipping is benchmarked to international standards with ISO 9001, 14001 and 45001 certifications.


Our ERP and PMS system and the data it collects enable us to optimize management process while constantly increasing operational safety, reliability and efficiency.

Optimizing Vessel OPEX

With our scale and purchasing platform, combined with smart management practices and processes, we are able to achieve competitive OPEX levels.

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